The consensus view is that the major challenge for businesses in the 21st century will be developing people resources. Coaching and feedback is a key building block of facilitating this challenge. Over our 20 years of working with a wide variety of organisations, we have developed considerable experience and expertise in this field. Whether the need is to improve individual performance or help understand future career options we can help. We also provide team coaching underpinned by our world leading top team analysis tool.

MTS' coaching solutions range from individual 360 feedback through to coaching support to executives and leadership teams of blue-chip national and international organisations.

In any organisation there are untapped resources of goodwill, energy, creativity and intelligence.

John Adair


When you partner with MTS you can be assured of:

  • Access to experienced and highly qualified coaches with background in leading business schools and multinational organisations
  • Coaches matched to the needs / experience of your organisation and people
  • Coaches equipped to have those 'constructive conversations' which enhance an individual's contribution to the business
  • Coaches who are able to work intensively with executives to translate learning and personal insight into measurable results and impact upon the bottom line
  • Access to a pool of coaches that can support either a single individual or where appropriate a whole team / group within your business
  • Exceptional value for money